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BIOBANKING - storage of biologIcal samples

CDL Pharma offers a short-, medium- and long-term storage of your biological specimens during the study, or to perform complementary analyzes and meet regulatory requirements for the conservation of all biological samples (when their stability allows it).

CDL Pharma has all the assets and the infrastructure of a biobank to store your samples over a wide range of temperature and guarantee, beyond their preservation, their identification, classification and registration in a database.

  • Liquid nitrogen (-196 °C)
  • -80°C (+/- 10°C)
  • -20°C (+/- 5°C)
  • +2°C to +8°C
  • Room temperature (+18°C to +25°C)

Our temperature control system, which uses probes linked to a specially-designed software program, ensures a complete traceability of temperatures. The on-site presence of a technician 24/7 ensures an optimized and adapted response in the event of any incident.

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