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CDL Pharma develops and provide customized sampling kits, optimized for each visit and each clinical trial, and organized to faclitate the shipments of biological samples for analyzes:

  • A dedicated kit optimized for each visit/protocol
  • Including standardized and identical material for each investigation center to limit inter-center variability, with controlled expiry dates
  • to simplify the collection of samples, the kit is delivered with a simple and intuitive documentation to save time and ensure homogeneity of the samples
  • the kit contains the packaging for shipment (ADR/IATA regulation) according to the planned analyzes and shipping temperatures
  • sample identification and tracking are monitored thanks to a labelling with barcode of all the components of the kit for optimal traceability
CDL Pharma ensures the follow-up of each specimen kit and thus offers a rational and controlled supply of each sample-taking center.
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