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To maximize safety of samples, optimize logistics and ensure that the same methods will be implemented for the pre-analytical processing and the analyses, we recommend as much as possible a centralized management of biological samples.

Our goals :

  • Meet the operational need of the investigation centers for the pre-analytical phase, to limit the staff and infrastructure needs in the centers
  • Homogenization / standardization of pre-analytical and analytical processing
  • Quality control upon receipt: at each stage, the sample is checked and preserved. A unique identification of each sample by barcode allows an optimal traceability
  • Quality of data associated with the samples: the data are entered in a secure database specific to each study. If data are not complete, our team manages the DCFs with the investigation centers to clarify it as soon as possible
  • Sending of samples for analysis by batch to reduce shipment costs
  • Completion of complex or specific pre-analytical processing to meet the needs of each study
  • Reproducibility of analyzes by eliminating the risk of method or instrumentation variability. Alphabio Laboratory, the partner of CDL Pharma accredited ISO 15189 by Cofrac (accreditation Cofrac human health n° 8-3020, list available on the website www.cofrac.fr), or other specialized laboratories, can carry out the analyzes.
  • Post-analytical storage of biological samples at controlled temperature

Key words that guide the centralization of pre-analytical processing and analyzes at CDL Pharma: reliability, reproducibility, optimization of flows and costs.

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