Project management services and data :

An expertise with big pharmaceutical groups, biotechs, public organizations and NGOs.
Daily study monitoring by an experienced project manager.
Secured online tracking.
Comprehensive management of national and international movements.
Customized and flexible solutions to satisfy your requirements

Sampling kits management :

Design of personalized sampling kits.
Kits production using high-quality materials.
Shipment management with a facilitated traceability system.

Biological sample reconditionning & storage :

Quality control by our specialized technical team.
Secured storage with : Wide temperature range ( -196° , -80°C, -20°C, +4°C and RT).
Temperatures tracking and secured alarms.
Different durations : Short, medium or long-term storage.

Sample analyses :

Sample preparation (Blood separation, aliquoting, RNA extraction…).
Analysis ( Autoimmunity, Biochemistry, Microbiology…).
Analytic services (Molecular Biology Q-PCR, High through-put sequencing).

International logistics :

A worldwide expertise (In more than 25 countries).
Customized carrier selection and monitoring .
High performance online tracking system.
Conditioning (All temperatures directed, Compliance with IATA and ADR).